Please report to MSCC according to the stipulated date for registration. All registration procedure shall be completed personally.

We suggest you arrange your flight schedule to arrive in Taiwan 3-4 days before the registration.

Please bring your admission letter, passport, entry visa and two 2-inch pictures for registration, also fill in student file to complete the registration procdure.

The tuition fee shall be collected in cash only and no transfer or refund is allowed. If there is any special situation and student is not able to continue the courses, students may apply for a 1/3 tuition refund with student report approved by the director of MSCC within the first week of the session. No other refunds will be allowed.

After reporting to MSCC, if a students' absences are over the limit as regulated by MCU administration, the student will forfeit study qualifications at MSCC and there will be no refund of the collected tuition fee.