1-Are group classes or individual tuition available?

We provide both group and individual(one-on-one) courses.

2-What subjects/courses do MSCC provide?

  • Mandarin vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure
  • Mandarin conversation and spoken expression
  • Introduction to Chinese/Taiwanese culture and social customs
  • Mandarin E-learning resources and related supplements

3-What is your entry requirement?

Foreigners who are over 18 years old are qualified.

4-What documents are required for application?

1. Complete Application Form

2. A copy of passport

3. A proof of Financial Support (A minimum of USD$5,000 balance) issuded within the past 3 months or a copy of Scholarship Award Notification

4. An insurance certificate

* Tuition Fee: 3months course (180 teaching hours): NTD 28,000

5-Where should I send my application documents to?

Please send all of your documentations to our MSCC email  

6-What level of Chinese is available?

Beginner, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced

7-Are there any exams/ method of assessment?

Yes, depends on actual situation

8-How about teachers' backgrounds?

Most teachers are from Department of Applied Chinese or Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in our University.

9-Which countries do students come from?

To date, from: Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Swiss, Swiden, UK, Gambia, Slovak, Iraq...etc.

10-About Taiwan Scholarship

Foreign students can apply for Taiwan Scholarship from Ministry of Education ROC or Ministry of Foreign Affairs ROC from abroad before arrival.

For more detailed information, please refer to the following websites: