In step with the era of globalization and the burgeoning Mandarin study market since 2000, The Mandarin Studies & Culture Center (MSCC) was established in March 2002 to promote Mandarin education and academic activities regarding Chinese language, culture and customs for international students in correspond with continuing education commissioned by Ministry of Education of Taiwan. Based on the mission of the University, the MSCC continues pursuit of excellence in Mandarin and Chinese culture education through creating an open, comfortable, facilitating, friendly, culture-specific study environment and by providing a group of highly professional and responsible faculty members who arrange and design class content according to students’ actual needs, to provide international students with opportunities to gain high proficiency levels in Mandarin and become familiar with Chinese culture and customs.

Based on MCU’s goals of Excellence, Professionalism, and Internationalization, and to meet the needs of students, MSCC emphasizes the following goals:

  • EXCELLENCE: Pursue excellent Mandarin learning systems and pass down long-standing Chinese culture; broaden class categories and course content according to international students’ learning goals.
  • PROFESSIONALISM: Promote professional teaching skills; support and encourage teachers' professional advancement.
  • INTERNATIONALIZATION: Expand faculty and students’ world views.

Classes are designed from beginner to advanced levels focusing on everyday Mandarin listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Small group classes create a learning environment where learners are able to develop better language skills. Regular group classes are provided year round; one-on-one private classes, intensive summer or winter group classes, and short-term study abroad program are also designed by request for foreign students who want to make good use of their summer or winter break on learning Mandarin language and experiencing Chinese culture at the same time. 


To guarantee the high quality of the MSCC program, the mission, goals and objectives are based on the mission, goals and objectives of Ming Chuan University.  All the classes of MSCC are implemented according through planning, review, adjustment, implementation, and teaching and learning assessment.  Internal and external are also performed to assure the quality of the classes are planned under review procedures based on the mission and goals of the Center.