In recent years, the study of Mandarin Chinese has gradually become a global phenomenon. Within the global diasporas of ethnic Chinese searching for their roots and identities, the majority hope that through Mandarin studies their children will be able to develop a profound understanding of Chinese culture and language, and empathy for their heritage. Moreover, international personages have come into contact with Chinese language and culture through participation in Chinese political, economic and cultural exchanges activities; this has created an increasingly positive international atmosphere for the study of Mandarin language. Finally, many international students, because of a particular academic interest, work requirement, life exigency, weigh up Taiwan’s lifestyle and its political and economic environment and choose to spend a period of time studying Mandarin in Taiwan.

In order to meet the demands of a rapidly globalizing Chinese Language market, Ming Chuan University established the Mandarin Studies & Culture Center (MSCC) in 2002, with its prime responsibility to develop and promote Mandarin education, cultural exchange and social activities. Ming Chuan University has four educational and administrative Departments that accept international students and arrange study opportunities for students from all over the world. The first year saw ten students from Russia, Korea, Mongolia and Tibet attend classes. During the following years, the number of students increased. By 2008, MSCC was teaching approximately a hundred international students annually, and this number is steadily increasing by ten to fifteen people per year.


  • 5-8 minutes walk from MRT Jiantan station to our Taipei Campus & Jihe Complex
  • Accommodations for international students in school dormitories at two locations 
  • International student counselors and International Student Service Office for assisting students living abroad 
  • Professional teachers who are native speakers of standard Mandarin with small class from 7-15 students 
  • Activities to facilitate communication with Taiwanese students 
  • Free Chinese student tutor provided for each foreign student 
  • Individual attention from instructors

 The Mandarin Studies & Culture Center (MSCC) is designed for international students who study Mandarin Chinese as a second language. Each term consists of twelve weeks (3 months). A new term begins each season and instruction is given all year round. Classes are arranged from beginning to advanced levels. Small-group classes (about 6-8 students) create an optimal learning situation for developing language skill. Classes are conducted in both Mandarin and English. Professional teachers who are native speakers of standard Mandarin guide every student's development and take an sincere interest in each person's individual learning. The program provides orientation, field trips and social activities to encourage communication with Taiwanese students and to develop a wider comprehension of Chinese culture & society.

Staff & Instructor

around 10-13 people


No limits


Mandarin classroom, professional e-learning classroom, Chinese Culture classroom, Library…etc.


Foreign student scholarships available

  1. General Foreign Students’ Scholarship
  2. Taiwan Scholarship (from MOE/MOFA)

Housing information

Student dorms provided at several locations:
Taipei Campus/off-campus: 3-bed or 5-bed rooms available
Taoyuan Campus: 2-bed or 4-bed rooms available

Health insurance plan

According to R.O.C. government regulations.
National Health Insurance (NHI): NTD749/month.

Academic credit

According to the Extension course regulations for credit/ non-credit course at our university

Admission letter

If accepted, the letter will be sent out one month before each term begins

Contact Information

陳暐傑 (Jacky)

Tel: 886-2-2882-4564 ext. 8210 
Fax: 886-2-2880-9073 (link sends e-mail)

Assistance to study at college or university in Taiwan

After finishing Mandarin courses, students can have certification and apply to the undergraduate or graduate programs in Ming Chuan University.