GREAT NEWS !! 好消息!!!


After having been waiting for 2 years, the government has opened the border to mandarin students. To welcome all of you and thank you for all of your support, we have prepared the special discount.


The spring semester will start on March 28th,2022. If you are interested in studying mandarin in Taiwan, please complete the application before January 15th, 2022. 

enlightened註冊優惠 Special Discount:

  • 學費Tuition fee: 第一期學期優惠學費新台幣28,000 22,000元,來台前完成線上刷卡前兩期學費新台幣50,000元就可享有此優惠。(註:第一期新台幣22,000元,第二期新台幣28,000元)

With the discount, the tuition fee of the first semester is NTD22,000 (the original price is NTD28,000). To obtain the discount, please complete the online payment for the tuition fees of NTD50,000 of first two semesters.

(Notes: The tuition fee of the first semester NTD22,000, The tuition fee of the second semester NTD28,000.)

  • 住宿費Dormitory fee: 校外宿舍、交通便利、每間為獨立衛浴、冷暖空調、冰箱,前兩期每期新台幣15,000 13,000元。

The dormitory fee for the first two semesters is NTD26,000. (NTD 13,000 per semester) It’s an off-campus dormitory with independent bathroom, air conditioner and refrigerator located in a convenient area.


If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us by email. (